Niantic Announces that Mega Pidgeot was Unlocked

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Article by Brian Tien

In a recent tweet from the official Pokemon Go Twitter page, it was announced that Mega Pidgeot has officially been unlocked, and will be available in Mega Raids starting Friday, September 18.

You can expect a set of Raid Counter guides to be published for this new raid in the coming days!

A Personal Word on This Matter

On Friday, September 11, I (not the Gamepress team, just Raven8/Brian) posted an article dealing with Mega Pidgeot's lack of announcement and what this might entail.

This article was not well received, and rightly so. I displayed a few errors in my personal judgement and lost sight of the purpose of that article while I was still writing it. Simply put: I went too far. I for one have always loved and looked forward to Mega Evolution, and seeing what I saw as a glimmer of hope for its future, I ended up going gung-ho into it instead of reporting the information properly and giving a reasonable projection. I should have simply stuck with the data as Gamepress is well known for. While I still stand by the core message of my previous work, that message fell flat due to my own errors and bias.

For these reasons, please consider this a retraction of my previous work, as well as an apology to the Gamepress community and team. Rest assured that Gamepress will resume the quality of content that it is known for from this point forward.

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