Niantic Announces New Elite Raids, Hoopa Unbound to Debut System

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Article by Brian Tein

It's been a long time since 2017 and the introduction of the Raid system in Pokemon Go. In that time we've seen a number of changes come and go; EX raids, the deletion of Tier 2 and Tier 4 raids, Mega Raids, the re-introduction of Tier 4 raids for Community Days, the list goes on. Well, it seems that we've got another new update on the way, as Niantic has officially announced the introduction of the Elite Raid system!

What Is an Elite Raid?

 An Elite Raid is a new type of raid that functions like a normal raid in essence (egg that appears on a Gym with a countdown, then a limited period where the Raid Boss can be fought), but it has a few key differences:

  • The egg timer will be a full 24 hours
  • The Raid Boss will only be available for 30 minutes once the egg hatches
  • Players must be in-person to participate, so no Remote Raids

This means that players will have a prolonged period to spot the Elite Raid, and will all be able to meet at the raid site when the egg is ready to hatch. This is a great opportunity for players who are not a part of an existing raid group, and that's not even the most interesting part of this whole system.

To start the Elite Raid system, players will be able to take on Hoopa: Unbound, which made its debut nearly a year ago during the Season of Mischief. This means that once-per-account Pokemon now have a genuine chance to make a return so that players can potentially get better versions of them! This news is potentially huge, and makes the future of the Elite Raid system very exciting!

Elite Raids eggs will begin appearing globally on October 16, so get ready! Expect a Hoopa: Unbound Raid Guide from the Gamepress team soon!

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