Niantic's Director of Marketing & Live Events Details Go Fest Events

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Article by Brian Tien

An interview on The Jam with Niantic's Director of Marketing & Live Events, Michael Steranka, was tweeted out by Niantic earlier today which highlights a few small details on Go Fest 2020, as well as a bit on the future of Pokemon Go.

The interview begins at 17:50 for those who want to see it for themselves! 

Relevant News

While the interview itself was interesting and not without merit, our main concern is, as always, extracting any news. As such, here's what we've derived:

Rotating Habitat Windows

While Go Fest has always had unique biomes built into Go Fest so that players in attendance can focus their efforts on specific types that they may hope to catch, this is a bit harder with a global environment. As such, Mr. Steranka has outlined current plans to have rotating biome time-frames for players to globally catch specific types.

Worth noting here is the fact that the currently announced Pokemon unlocks for the upcoming challenges all can represent unique typings.

Please note that this has not been confirmed, but it is possibly related none the less.

Friend Lists that Show Goal Progression

Mr. Steranka also mentions that players will be able to look at their friend lists to see how much effort specific friends have put towards specific goals for different Go Fest goals. This is extremely interesting as it has not been referenced in connection to the upcoming challenges, which seems to hint at more global unlock goals just like we've had in the past!

No Global Trades

While not exactly related to Go Fest 2020, Mr. Steranka stated that Niantic has no plans to add global trading, and that the future for this feature remains "unlikely" due to balance concerns.

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