Niantic Teases the Season of Heritage in Pokemon Go.

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Article by Brian Tien

The season of Mischief, which feels for all the world like it just started not too long ago, is basically over. This will wrap up one full year of seasons in Pokemon Go, and we still don't have information on the new season. However, we do have a teaser!

On the official Pokemon Go Twitter account, we were given our first peek into the season that will lead us into 2022, and while very little has been said, it does reveal a bit in its simplicity.

The animated trailer has a few details worth noting:

  • A design style that is obviously inspired by the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus
  • The unmistakable centerpiece of Mt. Coronet from Sinnoh, which is the modern name of the Hisui region, which is where Pokemon Legends: Arceus
  • An unmistakable tower that calls back to the Johto region.

The Sinnoh and Johto observations in particular are note-worthy, as they line up with the Sinnoh Cup and Johto Cup that are featured in Go Battle League Season 10:

With the Hisui/Sinnoh connections in particular, and with the newly released Forme Change mechanic, could it be that we're finally on the precipice of being able to add none other than Arceus to our collections?

While this seems to be the obvious answer, Niantic has thrown curve-balls our way before, so hopefully we'll have the answer in the form of a full press release soon!

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