Niantic Teases Shadow Eggs for Pokemon Go

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Article by Brian Tien

Here we go again! It looks like we have Shadow Eggs on the way, and it seems that Team GO Rocket is once again behind it all!

It seems very obvious that this is going to be a brand new way to obtain Shadow Pokemon. And if that's the case, this is absolutely huge. As hatched Pokemon, they will almost definitely include the 10/10/10 IV floor that we have currently, and as of right now the only way that we have to obtain Shadow Pokemon with a minimum IV value along these lines has been the Legendary Birds and Shadow Mewtwo via Go Fest 2020. It could also be a viable way to obtain Shadow Pokemon that are not currently in the Rocket pool. This system has the potential to revolutionize the Shadow Pokemon scene and make them far more accessible than they are now.

We'll continue to keep on this as updates arise, and will do our best to have an egg pool for these new eggs as soon as they're released!

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