Player at Wizards Unite Festival Overhears Pokemon GO "Training Center" Plans

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New Rumor from Wizards Unite Festival

Several hours ago Reddit user u/kinare posted some information regarding overheard information from the JW Mariott hotel bar. 

The author was in Indianapolis for the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival which took place over the weekend, when they went to the hotel restaurant to eat on Sunday. While they were waiting at the bar for a table, several people wearing Niantic shirts were having a conversation about various aspects of both Wizards Unite and Pokemon GO, including new features and merchandise sales data not yet known to the public. 

What is a Pokemon Training Center?

The supposed Niantic employees spoke to each other about a "Pokemon Training Center", which would seem to have something to do with Pokemon IVs. 

The concept of a "Pokemon Training Center" is not one that exists in the main series games, but there are many ways to manipulate the stats of your Pokemon in the main series games. Using the breeding mechanic, Pokemon with specific IVs can be hatched. Also, EVs gained from battles and other means help build your Pokemon stronger in the console games.

However, this new rumored feature seems to be a way for players to improve their already existing Pokemon. The supposed Niantic employees made several allusions to debuting the feature during a recession, so the feature will not be 100% free to use. 

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