PoGO Shopping Guide Holiday 2019: Presents for Pokemon GO Players

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It's 2019, and someone you know/love is a huge fan of Pokemon GO. The game's been out since 2016 and has earned Niantic over $3 billion, but what can someone buy for a Pokemon Master that'll make them excited this Christmas?

This page will list a few ideas to get you shopping smart. From new phones to stocking stuffers, we'll have it here. 

A New Phone

iPhone Deals

If you really wanted to have an optimized experience, you're going to want the latest iPhone to play Pokemon GO on. Especially if you're trying to do serious challenges like Trainer Battles and PokeDraft. 

The iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XR, and XS will be buy one, save $700 on a 2nd one at Verizon. You must sign up for their Unlimited service plan as well, and the $700 comes in credit over a 24 month period. 

If you're looking for a deal on a phone without the carrier hassle, Amazon has a pretty good deal on an unlocked iPhone XS: $645.99 with free shipping.

Android Phone Deals

Samsung is arguably one of the best brands of Android phones to have for Pokemon GO. The dedicated app store, the Galaxy Store, has been known to hold discounts on in-game currency. 

The official Samsung store has a pretty good deal on the Galaxy S10 right now; save $200 right off the bat, then trade in a phone for up to $260. You also get a free pair of their Galaxy Earbuds, a wireless earbud offering that is supposed to compete with Air Pods, I suppose. 

If you are shopping for a new Android phone, you may want to be wary of certain brands that have been known to have issues with Pokemon GO in particular. Check out the info on that below. 

Pokemon GO Catchers

PokeBall Plus

This official piece of Pokemon gear syncs with not only Pokemon GO, but also with Let's Go! Eevee and Let's Go! Pikachu. Even Sword and Shield have compatibility with this one. 

It isn't as fully featured as the Pokemon GO Plus though; it can spin stops only when you press the button and have a Pokemon from Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee in it. It can also catch Pokemon for you. 

Pokemon GO Plus

The original Pokemon GO accessory is still around when you can find it, but its functionality has come into question quite a few times. It's supposed to catch Pokemon and spin PokeStops when you press the button, giving information on what action it is according to what color the button turns. However, users across a wide swath of devices report issues connecting their phones to it. It's also worth noting that the successor to this device has been announced this year. 


The Go-tcha is the device that the dedicated Pokemon players want. Anyone who syncs this up to their Pokemon GO-playing phone can automatically spin stops and catch Pokemon without ever even needing to touch it. It is succeptible to bad firmware updates from time to time, so there is a small chance you'll encounter some incompatibility issues. It's still the best device on the market. 


Phone Swing

This device is the hidden secret Adventure Sync users don't want to spread around too much. With your "phone wiggler", if your phone is placed in the cradle and rocked with Pokemon GO closed, you can gain steps through the Adventure Sync feature. Getting 50 km every week for those sweet rewards is as easy as putting down your phone!

Portable Battery

Mobile phone gaming is hard on anybody's phone battery. Having extra juice for your phone on the go is vitally important, especially for those Community Day events.

Anker is one of the most trusted names in power accessories, and their slim 10,000mAh power bank can be found for as low as $24.99. 

Touch-Screen Gloves

For a large portion of the Pokemon GO population, Christmas means cold weather. Getting out of the house and playing a phone game is tough when the temperature drops below freezing. Touchscreen-sensitive gloves are a must have; we recommend GliderGloves(they run a bit small). 

For a more heavy-duty cold, outdoor apparel sites like The North Face would be worth checking out. It is worth mentioning  that the heavier the glove, the harder time you'll have getting the touchscreen gloves to register. 

Pokemon Merchandise

Official Pokemon merchandise is never difficult to find. Pokemon didn't become the biggest media franchise in the world without having some great merch; the Official Pokemon Store is the best place for the latest stuff. If you want to look for something more unique, there are literally thousands of Pokemon-specific options on Etsy, a market for creators to sell their wares. 

NEW 11/26/2019: The Pokemon Company has officially launched new merchandise featuring Pokemon GO items! You can find the collection here. 

When in Doubt, Gift Card it Out

Look, nobody ever said no to free in-game currency. Pokemon GO has added a plethora of uses for PokeCoins these days; Rocket Radars, different Lure Modules, and even a medallion to change your team affiliation. 

A $20.00 gift card in the iOS and Google Play Store can be found at just about any retailer and gets a player 2,500 PokeCoins. That can get you a team change medallion AND an Ultra or Adventure Box, which are combo packs that include Raid Passes, Egg Incubators, and more. 

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