Pokemon GO 0.153.1 Version Update Removes VS Seeker and Route Maker References

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Article by David Teraoka
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Version Update: 0.153.1

On the evening of August 29th, 2019, a new update was released for Pokemon GO called 0.153.1. After several hours of time with the update, dataminer u/martycochrane gave a breakdown of what the patch included. 

We won't bother posting all the code again, but 0.153.1 removed all code for:

  • Route Makers
  • PVP Ranking
  • PVP Matchmaking
  • Buddy updates

Appears to be branch revert so we are hoping to see all this come back in a future version but for now... Welp.

Size Difference: -68 KB

The removal of this code doesn't mean anything has changed in-game, as the code was never implemented. However, players were very excited about what possibly could be coming with the Ultra Bonus Unlock 2019, which bonuses begin September 2nd. 

It's worth noting that the addition and removal of excess code referencing unimplemented features has happened before with Research Tasks. Back when u/TheSilphRoad moderators datamined the game themselves, many hints were gleaned from the interesting new references that would go otherwise undiscovered.

Trainers who are interested in learning more about the process of datamining can join the PokeMiners Discord server, where u/martycochrane and u/makateller host all the latest information on what secrets can be uncovered through the Pokemon GO source code. 

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