Pokemon Go Banning  Xiaomi 5 Series Phones Update: Niantic Looking Into Issue

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Update 10/5/2019

On 10/5/2019, Niantic officially confirmed that while they are still investigating this glitch, they are rolling back bans and strikes that were wrongfully set against accounts using the Xiaomi 5, and will continue to post updates on their findings.

Update 9/30/2019

9 / 30 / 2019

Niantic Support has officially addressed the issue tied with the Xiaomi 5 and "Game Turbo", the feature that is believed to be tied to the recent waves of bans and warnings, stating that they will supply an update to the situation at a later date.

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Players using the Xiaomi 5 series of Smart Phones are reporting random and unwarranted warnings and bans for no apparent reason. Players have flocked to Niantic Support as well as several Social Media outlets voicing their concern for this mysterious epidemic that seems to have the Xiaomi 5 as its correlating factor.

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The Xiaomi 5 

Official Image of the Xiaomi 5 Plus

Niantic has not yet commented on the situation, leaving many players in the dark with unwarranted strikes against their accounts. The Pokemon Go community has not found a reason/fix for the situation either, leaving the most viable option for anyone using one of these phones simply to not make use of it until a fix is found/issued.

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