Pokemon Go: Content Update for June, 2023

Welcome to Hidden Gems! A new month is here, as is a new season, which means new content! The beginning of Summer of 2023 has a few interesting events, with a few not quite revealed yet. Hopefully this will end up a very note-worthy month as we go on!

Research Breakthrough

Research Start Research End
June 1, 2023 September 1, 2023

Five Star and Mega Raid Bosses

  • Raids Start: June 1
  • Raids End: June 15

Uxie is exclusive to Asia-Pacific, Mesprit is exclusive to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India, and Nihilego is exclusive to the Americas and Greenland

  • Raids Start: June 15
  • Raids End: June 29
  • Raids Start: June 29
  • Raids End: July 6

This Period will also include a not-yet-announced Mega Evolution

Raiding Period:

  • June 10-11
  • June 17-18
  • June 24-25

These raids coincide with the normal Five Star raids during these periods 

Spotlight Hours

Spotlight Period Bonus
Tuesday, June 6 2x Catch XP
Spotlight Period Bonus
Tuesday, June 13 2x Catch Candy
Spotlight Period Bonus
Tuesday, June 20 2x Transfer Candy
Spotlight Period Bonus
Tuesday, June 27 2x Evolution XP


Event Name Event Start Event End
Searching for Gold Research Day June 3 June 3
Beach Day June 6 June 12
Solstice Horizons June 16 June 25
Rocket Takeover June 16 June 25
Dark Flames June 29 July 2
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