Pokemon Go: Content Update for May, 2023

We're at in the final month of Spring in the northern hemisphere, and generally the highlight of the season. May is generally known for warm weather, changing winds, and the full return of the leaves that have been absent for so long, so it's also a great time to get out and play! The Season of Rising Heroes is getting ready to make its final bows, so let's enjoy this transitory month while we have it!

Research Breakthrough

Research Start Research End
March 1, 2023 June 1, 2021

Five Star and Mega Raid Bosses

  • Raids Start: April 17
  • Raids End: May 2
  • Raids Start: May 2
  • Raids End: May 9
  • Raids Start: May 9
  • Raids End: May 24
  • Raids Start: May 24
  • Raids End: June 1

Spotlight Hours

Spotlight Period Bonus
Tuesday, May 2 2x Catch XP
Spotlight Period Bonus
Tuesday, April 9 2x Catch Candy
Spotlight Period Bonus
Tuesday, April 16 2x Transfer Candy
Spotlight Period Bonus
Tuesday, April 23 2x Evolution XP
Spotlight Period Bonus
Tuesday, April 30 2x Catch Stardust


Event Name Event Start Event End
An Instinctive Hero May 2 May 8
??? Raid Day May 7 May 7
A Valorous Hero May 11 May 17
??? Community Day May 21 May 21
????? May 22 May 28
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