Pokemon Go: Halloween Event Announced, Darkrai Coming to Tier 5 Raids October 17th

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Halloween Event Announced

On October 14, Niantic announced that the Latest Halloween-Themed Event for Pokemon Go will be released on October 17 at 1:00 p.m. PDT (GMT-7) and run until November 1 at 1:00 p.m. PDT (GMT-7). Highlights for this event include:

  • Additional Shadow Pokemon available from Team Rocket raids
  • The introduction of Yamask, and the release of its Shiny forme!
  • A new line of event Research
  • The return of the "Spooky Message" special research
  • Additional spawns of Ghost and Dark Type Pokemon in the wild, eggs, and raids
  • New Avatar Items
  • Special costumed variants of starter Pokemon, with Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle in raids, and Pikachu in the wild
  • 2x candy from Catches, Hatches, and Transfers

In conjunction with these events, perhaps the most exciting part of the announcement is that the Pitch-Black Pokemon, Darkrai, will be joining raids from October 17 - November 1!

This event will mark the grand debut of Darkrai, who is already projected to be the top Dark Type attacker in the game on its release. This also marks the first time that a Mythical Pokemon will enter a normal Tier 5 rotation without first being an EX Raid Boss.Trainers will not want to miss the opportunity to add this powerful Mythical Pokemon to their collections, and you can read about our initial analysis of Darkrai's performance here:

New Shadow pokemon

New Pokemon/Shiny Release

New Outfit Pokemon

Special Research Reward

Confirmed Raid Boss

Alolan Marowak Raid-Day, Featuring Shadow Bone

The in-app notification for Pokemon Go stated that Alolan Marowak will receive a special Raid Day with its signature move, Shadow Bone but sources at Serebii have confirmed that this was an error, and that no such event is scheduled.

We currently have no confirmation as to if Shadow Bone is planned to be released during this event.

Full Announcement Text


October is here, which means it’s almost time to make things a bit spookier! This year, you’re all in for a spine-chillingly good treat.

Starting Thursday, October 17, 2019, at 1 p.m. PDT (GMT −7)


  • Rescue more Shadow Pokémon from Team GO Rocket — Be ready to rescue the following Pokémon from Team GO Rocket Grunts at PokéStops near you: Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Electabuzz, Magmar, Lapras, Mareep, Seedot, Nuzleaf, Sableye, Trapinch, Cacnea, Shuppet, and Duskull.
  • Thrilling threads in the Style Shop — Play dreadful dress-up with new avatar items, including a Zubat Bag, a Pikachu Onesie, a Cubone Cap, a Litwick Cap, and a Mimikyu Bag!
  • A Spooky Shiny Pokémon makes its debut — If you’re lucky, you might encounter Shiny Yamask.

From Thursday, October 17, 2019, at 1 p.m. PDT (GMT −7) to Friday, November 1, 2019, at 1 p.m. PDT (GMT −7)


  • Don’t be scared! More Ghost- and Dark-type Pokémon will be appearing in the wild, in Eggs, and in raids — Gastly, Murkrow, and more will be appearing. Making its Halloween debut is Yamask, the Spirit Pokémon!
  • Pokémon wearing creepy-cute Halloween costumes arrive in raids and in the wild! — Some Pokémon have donned costumes to celebrate Halloween this year! Look forward to Bulbasaur wearing Shedinja costumes, Charmander wearing Cubone costumes, and Squirtle wearing Yamask costumes in raids. In the wild, be on the lookout for Pikachu wearing Mimikyu costumes! If you’re lucky, you might even encounter these alarmingly adorable Pokémon as Shiny Pokémon!
  • The Pitch-Black Pokémon makes its ominous debut in Pokémon GO! Darkrai will be appearing in five-star raids!
  • Frightful and fun Field Research tasks will be available for a limited time during this event.
  • You’ve received a spooky message. Check out your Special Research when the Halloween event begins, Trainer, and you might face a Forbidden Pokémon...


  • 2× Catch Candy
  • 2× Hatch Candy
  • 2× Transfer Candy

Have fun, stay safe, and have a spooky good time, Trainers! Let’s GO!

—The Pokémon GO team

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