Pokemon GO October 2019 Community Day Features Earth Power for Flygon UPDATE

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Update: 10 / 12 / 2019

Pokemon Go players are taking to Reddit and other social media outlets to report issues with October's Trapinch Community Day. Abnormally low spawns for the featured Pokemon, a lack of promised egg hatches and raids, and a lack of Flygon's Community Day move on evolution have all been reported

Players who are still awaiting the event should be ready to alter their Community Day plans should this trend continue, and be prepared to change your game-play style.

Tips For Dealing With These Issues

  • Be prepared to be on the move if your planned area has a low concentration of Trapinch spawns
  • If you need candy, prioritize using Pinap Berries on any Trapinch that you may encounter
  • If you need a high-IV Trapinch, then prioritize raids and don't rely heavily on hatches. If you are Lv.30 or above, stay in close communication with your local Pokemon Go community and report any high-IV Trapinch that you may find
  • When evolving, make sure that your GPS signal is active. Players have reported that Community Day moves don't appear if your GPS signal is malfunctioning.
  • Consider evolving before the one-hour grace period. Some players are reporting that they are not getting Earth Power during this window

Earth Power Flygon Coming Soon

On October 9th, 2019, Niantic updated the official Community Day page to display that Earth Power would be the official move learned by Trapinch evolved into Flygon for the October 2019 Community Day. 

Earth Power is a Ground-type move expected to give Flygon an edge on damage over it's previous incarnations. 

Check out Flygon's page for more information on how to use this new move, and check out our Comprehensive DPS Spreadsheet to find out more about how it stacks up against the competition.