Pokemon GO PokeStop Submissions Debut Worldwide "Next Week"

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Niantic Wayfarer Global Debut

Tech news media outlet TechCrunch reported on a presentation from Niantic, made by John Hanke himself. The presentation took place on November 5, 2019, and Hanke did confirm that the Niantic Wayfarer system would become available worldwide starting next week. The specific day of the week remains unclear. 

Niantic Wayfarer is a PokeStop submission portal that allows players who are trainer level 40 to submit points of interest, coupled with images and a description to be turned into the blue discs players spin for items and research tasks every day. 

Players can check if they have access to the feature at the Niantic Wayfarer website. The feature has been available in other countries such as Canada. 

Check out our guide to submitting nominations to be reviewed through Niantic Wayfarer at the link below. Check out this guide on Reddit for info on reviewing nominations. 

Niantic Blog Post Details

Niantic followed up this announcement from Hanke with a blog post detailing the new mapping feature, as well as some new AR technology being developed for Pokemon GO. 

Players will soon be able to go on a Buddy Adventure with their in-game friends! AR+ will be used to allow Pokemon GO players to feed berries to their buddy Pokemon. 

In addition, businesses will soon be able to submit their location to become a sponsored PokeStop! Check out this link in order to go through the process of getting a business registered. 

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