Pokemon GO: The Silph Arena Announces The Ferocious Cup

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The Ferocious Cup

The latest monthly cup in the popular Silph Arena has been announced: the Ferocious Cup

Ferocious Cup Badge

    In a bit of a twist from what's been done in the past, the Ferocious Cup will feature a very unique set of requirements and bans for the tournament.that have not been seen in the past

    Cup Requirements

    • Pokemon that walk on 2 legs, or that walk on 2 legs and have a tail

    Cup Limitations

    • No Pokemon based on Monkies/Apes, Amphibians, or Humanoids
    • No Grass, Flying, or Bug Types are allowed
    • Bastiodon, Zweilous, and all Pokemon considered "Starters" are banned

    The Gamepress Team is currently in the process of working to put together an initial guide to this cup

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