Pokemon GO Spending Increases by 40% in 2019

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New Info: Pokemon GO Business

Game analysis website Sensor Tower recently released an article detailing how Pokemon GO has performed in the beginning of 2019, and things are looking very promising. 

Here are the facts to know: 

  • About $2.5 billion has been spent on the game since its release in 2017
    • Increased by $700 million since July 2018
  • The game grossed $205 million in Q1 2019
    • $2.3 million a day, represents a 40% increase from last year
  • The US has overtaken Japan for in-game spending. Top-ranked countries for sale: 
    • US: $875 million
    • JP: $725 million
    • GER: $150 million
  • Pokemon GO ranked 7th worldwide for mobile game revenue in March

See the article for further details.