Pokemon GO Tournaments Continue with The Silph League Season 2 on October 1st

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Season 2 Incoming

On August 8th, 2019, Pokemon GO community organization The Silph Arena announced the next season for their tournament series.

The Silph League tournaments have taken the Pokemon GO Community by storm, starting up early this year with the Boulder Cup in January. Since then, tournaments all over the world have become the place to learn the ins and outs of trainer battles and to prove your ability in ranked combat against the best players the community has to offer. 

This month, The Mirror Cup is in effect, allowing any tournament host to use any format from the past 7 months of competition, including regional rules. 

Season 2 of the type-restricted tournaments will begin at the start of October, but many new features have been added to the suite of community tools that can be found on

New Tools for the Off-Season

Since The Silph League will be taking a break for the month of September, trainers who are interested in practicing can participate in the new Season 1 Championships format in unranked tournaments starting today. 

There is also now support for open Ultra and Master League tournaments, in both ranked and unranked formats. Ranked tournaments can only be started after Season 2 begins on October 1st. 

Also starting in October is the ability to enter Practice Cups, which will be unranked and follow the monthly format chosen for Season 2. 

Also, there is new functionality for participating in unranked past cups. Retro Cups, which include all season 1 formats including regionals and championships, are now available for unranked tournaments. As the season progresses, the former Season 2 formats will also be added. 

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