Move Category
Fast Move
Move Type

PvE Fast Move Info

Base Power
Damage Per Second
Damage Window
1.10 seconds
Move Cooldown
1.50 seconds
Energy Delta
Energy Per Second

PvP Fast Move Info

Base Power 9
Duration 2
Energy Delta 8
Move Cooldown 1.50

Move Description

Hidden Power is a very unique move. Despite being listed as a Normal Type move, it can actually be any type save Fairy and, ironically, Normal. Every Pokemon that has this move available will have a uniquely typed Hidden Power. Hidden Power's type cannot be changed via TM, and can change when the Pokemon evolves. Also note-worthy is the fact that if a raid boss has Hidden Power when being fought, it will always be Fighting Type. But when the raid boss is caught, the type of Hidden Power that it can learn is randomized.

Pokemon with Elite Quick Move

Pokemon Attack
Suicune Suicune 180
Shadow Suicune Shadow Suicune 180