Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All Currently Possible Pokemon Go Movesets for New Pokemon

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Article by Brian Tien

New Game Spoilers: Turn Back Now If You Don't Want To See!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are finally here, and with them we have a whole new Pokedex to explore! With each new game in the main-line series, we get to enjoy new experiences and regions that we've never had access to the past, and the highlight is definitely the new set of Pokemon that we're introduced to along the way. Paldea is shaping up to be no exception to this rule, but anyone who plays Pokemon Go is probably asking the same question: "Which new Pokemon are the ones to look out for?".

Well, we're working on our take on that question, but to start with, we have done our own research, and are proud to share the fruits of our labor thus far. We have painstakingly gone through the entire Paldean dex, and have found all of the moves that the new Pokemon have that are currently available in Pokemon Go. And since we love helping people with their own theorycrafting, we're sharing this information with all of you! But before we get into it, here is our criteria for this list:

  • Only new Pokemon and new formes to existing Pokemon are included in this list, we are not reviewing new moves on existing Pokemon.
  • We are including all Fast/Charged Moves that are currently available in Pokemon Go.
  • If a Pokemon learns a move via pre-evolution over, we will still list it as a viable option in later evolutions.
  • We will also list Signature Moves, as these are more likely to eventually be made into actual moves at some point.

Please note that this entire list was compiled by hand, so we may have a few typos along the way. Thanks for your understanding!

Due to a site error, we've had to remove the list from this page. Please Click Here to see a Google Doc with all of the moveset information.

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