Primal Groudon 4-Person Raid Guide

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Tier 3 Raid Boss Guides

Doable at trainer level 30 with proper counters

HP22,500 ATK278.90 DEF172.20
CP Range
Lvl 20 3261 - 3372 Lvl 25 4077 - 4215

Notable Weather

Boosts Boss's Moves Boosts Counters' Moves
Sunny / Clear, Windy Sunny / Clear, Rain

Fast Move Difficulty

Move Difficulty
Dragon Tail Challenging
Mud Shot Easy

Charge Move Difficulty

Move Difficulty
Earthquake Intermediate
Fire Blast Easy
Solar Beam Challenging


Since the dawn of Pokemon Go, every player with any knowledge of the main series has seen monolithic figures standing on the distant horizon, slowly growing closer with each new generation added. And now it's finally time for another of the true greats to finally complete its ancient journey.

Among the two Primals, Groudon is actually the easiest by a fairly large margin. The fact that it has a 2x weakness to Water Type attacks is huge, as is the fact that most of its moveset isn't super threatening. Its attacks will sting... badly... but the Water Types that counter it resist Fire Blast, and Solar Beam is pretty easy to dodge... though even a dodged Solar Beam is going to put a dent in basically anything. The outlier is Earthquake, which hits very hard but also isn't that bad to dodge. 

However, this is a Tier 6 boss, so that tremendous 22,500 HP is going to be a bit daunting to take down for most players. As a normal Tier 5 boss, a Trio would be doable with a Duo possible given top counters, an ideal situation, and optimal player. But as it stands, a 3-person run is going to be a little tight, while a 4-person run should be the fairly standard minimum for players who have at least decent counters to this continental menace.

And above all else; be thankful that Niantic didn't fully translate this monster from the Main Series. Over there, it summons a unique weather effect known as Harsh Sunlight while on the field that makes it immune to Water Type moves! Since Water and Ground are the only two options, this raid would be horrible if that was the case!


Team composition

  • Water Types are the name of the game, though a select few Ground Types can become decent during Clear weather.

  • Primal Kyogre is the strongest counter here by a mile. It hits extremely hard and lasts a long time

    • In fact, if you and a friend both have Primal Kyogre, you can join the fight using nothing but them and re-lobby as soon as they faint. With an active Primal boost and Rainy weather, this monster actually hits solo-viable numbers. Too bad it can't self-boost!

  • Shadow Kyogre, Mega Swampert, Mega Blastoise, and Mega Gyarados are all top-tier Water options with DPS well within duo-range.

  • The other top Water Types can provide huge damage output, especially when a Mega/Primal boost is in effect.

Battling strategy

  • Re-entering will likely be be necessary.

  • Dodging is very recommended! All of Primal Groudon's attacks take 100 energy to use, so they hit very hard! 

    • On that note, know when to let your Pokemon faint. Better for them to drop early than to lose them with 90 energy!

Note: "Good" movesets are not necessarily viable at the level indicated.

Best Raid Boss Counters

Supreme Mega Counters

Primal_Kyogre Primal Kyogre
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Primal Kyogre is the top counter by a very wide margin. This thing lasts a long time, hits super hard, and resists Fire Blast, meaning it will absolutely shred poor Primal Groudon, putting an end to their rivalry once and for all. Just beware of Solar Beam, as one poorly timed dodge could take out your strongest Pokemon before it can really get going!

Good Mega Evolutions

Mega Gyarados Mega Gyarados
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

As strange as it seems on the surface, Mega Gyarados is actually one of the best non-Primal-Kyogre picks for this raid, and arguably the best non-Primal Mega pick. And this is despite the fact that it's substantially weaker than Mega Swampert and Mega Blastoise in terms of DPS.

So why do we say that it's the second best pick? Despite the fact that it's weaker than the aforementioned Mega Evolutions, its DPS is well above trio-range. And since the other options never reach Duo-level DPS, their performance is virtually identical in terms of getting the job done given a good raid group. Mega Gyarados also has the same weakness/strength profile as the other options (save Mega Swampert which does not like facing Solar Beam), and it has the longest time-on-the-field of all of the Mega options save Primal Kyogre, meaning it will provide its Mega boost for a longer time than the other options.

All of these factors come together to make Mega Gyarados one of the best counters for this raid. The one drawback is if you have a number of other Pokemon on your raid team that fall below 25 DPS on average, as then Mega Gyarados' comparatively low DPS might hamper your whole-team performance. Either that, or it can be a problem if your raid group isn't putting out the numbers needed and you need to pick up their slack in order to secure a win. But even then, its DPS is over 30, so it's going to put in some serious work.

In short; stick with Primal Kyogre, but note that Mega Gyarados is surprisingly good in this raid if you lack the king of the seas!

Mega Swampert Mega Swampert
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Dethroned, yet not forgotten. Mega Swampert hits very hard and can ruin Primal Groudon's day. However, it might even drop to a dodged Solar Beam thanks to its 2x Grass weakness, so use caution if utilizing this Mega!

Mega Blastoise Mega Blastoise
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Mega Blastoise is very strong in this raid, but for all intents and purposes it's a worse Primal Kyogre, sporting no defining advantages to let it stand out against the competition. Well, It's a great goldilocks pick either way! 

Supreme Counters

Shadow_Kyogre Shadow Kyogre
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

The dark variant of Kyogre rises from the depths, and hits like a truck. While not on a par with its Primal forme (but what is?), this is a Pokemon capable of leveraging massive DPS and flooding out Primal Groudon with ease, just so long as it doesn't eat a Solar Beam while doing so.

ShadowSwampert Shadow Swampert
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Strong and fast, but also frail. Solar Beam is likely a death sentence even if dodged.

Shadow Feraligatr Shadow Feraligatr
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Often overlooked, Shadow Feraligatr has a strong presence in this raid due to its great moveset, solid base stats, and Shadow boost.

Empoleon Shadow Empoleon
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Among the Water Type Shadow Starters, Shadow Empoleon stands with a fairly distinguished niche thanks to its Steel sub-typing, but that sub-typing does it few favors here. With a weakness to Ground and a lost resistance to Fire, its one brag is that it only takes neutral damage from Solar Beam. Still, it's a good Pokemon that's worthy of a slot.

Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Despite the fact that its Primal form rightfully takes the spotlight here, basic Kyogre can hit like a truck and has great overall performance. Just watch out for Solar Beam!

ON THAT NOTE: this list has a lot of mono-Water Types, so we're not really going to talk about them unless they have some interesting feature from here out. Only so much can be said about what is essentially a bunch of remixes of the same Pokemon!

ShadowGyarados Shadow Gyarados
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Gyarados was the counter-king when Groudon first dropped, and once again it shows up for its Primal form. Shadow Gyarados' Flying Type allows it to double-resist Earthquake and take neutral damage from Solar Beam while it naturally resists Fire Blast, so it's a very good overall counter for this raid.

Good Counters

Greninja Greninja
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Water Shuriken and Hydro Cannon is a killer move combo, and Greninja uses it very well. In fact, Greninja is arguably the single best basic Water Type starter in the game thanks to this shining moveset.

Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
Swampert Swampert
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
samurott Samurott
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
ShadowBlastoise Shadow Blastoise
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
Feraligatr Feraligatr
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
Gyarados Gyarados
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

If you have an old Gyarados that once battled Groudon in its initial run, bring it back for old time's sake!

Glass Counters

Clawitzer Clawitzer
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
Empoleon Empoleon
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Empoleon's Steel sub-typing means it's weak to Earthquake and doesn't resist Fire Blast. But it takes neutral damage from Solar Beam, so that's something at least.

shadow_wailord Shadow Wailord
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Please bring Shadow Wailord if only because it's a funny Pokemon.

On second thought, don't. That's a big investment for a sub-par Pokemon....

Crawdaunt Crawdaunt
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
ShadowPolitoed Shadow Politoed
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
Crabominable Crabominable
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

A bit of an odd one on this list, as it's actually Ice/Fighting Type, but the power of Crab Hammer allows it to work. It doesn't resist anything that Primal Groudon can throw at it and is actually weak to Fire Blast, so don't raise one just for this raid....

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