Safari Zone Singapore: What Are We Missing?

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Have you ever seen a new announcement from Pokemon Go, only to feel the air outright deflate out of you when you see that it's for a Safari Zone in some far-off place that you definitely won't be able to visit just for the sake of a day of catching Pokemon? As someone smack-dab in the middle of nowhere, Indiana, I am very familiar with that feeling! It's honestly a little vexing knowing that these celebrations will likely never happen close enough to warrant the trip, and so it can be a little discouraging to see a new announcement show up.

But just how much are people like me really missing out on?

Let's take a quick look at Safari Zone: Singapore, and see just what kind of worth this event actually has for the average player. We've got a lot of bonuses, but just how game-changing would it be if we were to all book flights and get to the venue before the event ends?

What Is a Safari Zone?

Safari Zone is a term coined in the original Pokemon Red/Blue (Red/Green in Japan) games, and dealt with a special park-like area full of rare Pokemon that could only be caught by throwing Pokeballs, bait, and rocks, in a manner semi-similar to Pokemon Go as we know it now. As an actual Pokemon Go event, Safari Zones are similar to mini-Go Fests. They're ticketed events for festivities in one specific area that will grant bonuses and rare spawns to the ticket-holder, as well as additional perks along the way. This time around, players in Singapore will be the Safari Zone host, as players flock to Gardens by the Bay to take part for themselves.

In-Game Bonuses

  • Increased Shiny rate
  • Exclusive Special Research
  • Up to 5 Special Trades for the day plus a 50% Trade Stardust Discount
  • An exclusive Event Medal
  • Right-hour Incense and four-jour Lures

Pokemon Spawns

Among these spawns, Unown will appear in its "I", "N", and "S" formes, while Pikachu will be available in a purple shirt and with two different Balloon variants.

Overall, the offerings in-game are nice, but not exactly game-breaking. Maracrus is a regional Pokemon, so it has some inherent worth, but it's also not super-useful in-game, so missing it isn't a huge deal for all but the most hardcore of collectors.

Safari Zone Logistics and Bonuses

  • Pokemon merchandise will be available for purchase via a licensed vendor
  • A limited number of charging stations will be available to participants
  • Parking is not secured for this event! 

Pikachu Night Show

Featured for everyone in the park as capacity allows, all park-goers will be able to watch the "Pikachu Night Show" stage-show. You can take a look at the Taipei 2022 Pikachu Night Show here.

What's the Verdict?

If you happen to be in Singapore and are able to nab a ticket, then this event should definitely be worth attending. However, it's definitely not worth booking a plane ticket for. Overall, Singapore was given a nice bonus for this event, but nothing that the rest of us should feel particularly jealous of. Here's hoping that the next Safari Zone sets itself up near to you!

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