Safari Zone St.Louis Posponed, Other Live Events May Follow

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Article by Brian Tien

Niantic has announced that Safari Zone St Louis, initially planned for March 27-29, has been postponed due to potential health concerns related to the COVID-19 virus.

Niantic has announced that players can requsest a refund for purchased tickets via in-app support before 11:59 p.m. EDT on March 25th

Players who opt to keep their tickets will be able to enjoy the event's spawns and research anywhere in the world within the local-equivilent of the event time! This is definitely a nice gesture from Niantic, and likely more than enough for many players to not request a refund.

Future Events

Niantic has stated that future events are still expected to be held as scheduled.

We still haven't heard about any plans for Go Fest 2020, Niantic's premiere event. Chicago Illinois, the city that traditionally hosts the event, has already been dealing with the COVID-19 virus, which does shed some doubts on the viability of the event. Keep an eye on Gamepress for updates on these events!

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