Shiny Vulpix and Sandshrew Found in the Wild, Giovanni Appears in Photobombs, and Boosted Global Spawns at Yokohama GO Fest 2019

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GO Fest Yokohama 2019: Highlights and What to Know

August 6th, 2019 marks the first day of Pokemon GO Fest Yokohama 2019, an event that lasts until August 12th. 

The festivities began at 8 PM CST on August 5th in the US. Players immediately noticed an increase in the variety of spawns available; @PokemonGoApp announced that several of the spawns found in the Yokohama play area would be appearing worldwide. 

In addition, Pikachus with hats will also be available worldwide once a day. The hat available today, August 6th, is Santa Hat Pikachu. 

New Photobomb: Giovanni

Players in the Yokohama GO Fest are also reporting a dapper-looking Team GO Rocket leader appearing in photobombs!

There does not appear to be any encounter associated with the photobomb. It seems to be a promotion for the rumored arrival of Giovanni, just as the Team GO Rocket photobombs at GO Fest Chicago 2019 were hints at the Team GO Rocket Invasion event.

New Shinies in the Wild and New Research

Shiny Poliwag has been found in the wild across the globe. But in the Yokohama GO Fest area, shiny Alolan Vulpix and shiny Alolan Sandshrew have both been reported in the wild!

These two shiny forms were previously only found in eggs. Previously, only shiny Alolan forms such as Geodude, Rattata, and Diglett have been found in the wild. 

In addition, there are 5 new Research Tasks associated with GO Fest that are appearing globally.

They all reward the following Pokemon:

You can find out more information on our Research Tasks List.

Global Challenge 2019 Update

The latest update for the Blanche's Research Task portion of the Global Challenge 2019. 

  • Team Mystic: 2.86 million
  • Team Valor: 2.45 million
  • Team Instinct: 1.76 million
  • GO Fest Yokohama: 429,000 

The goals are 25 million per team, and 2 million for the GO Fest Yokohama area. 

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