Snoozing Snorlax, Pokemon Home, GO Plus Plus, Pokemon Sleep, and More Announced at Pokemon Press Conference

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New Pokemon Transferring: Pokemon Home

On May 28, 2019, The Pokemon Company announced several games and events happening involving the Pokemon franchise. 

Pokemon Home will be a service that links your 3DS Pokemon games, Nintendo Switch Pokemon games, and Pokemon GO together under one common group. This will allow you to transfer any and all Pokemon you have on those consoles. 

This service is announced to release in early 2020.

New Game: Pokemon Sleep & Pokemon Plus Plus

A new game was also announced to be in development named Pokemon Sleep. Details on the game were sparse, but a trailer was shown, it is a game that will somehow allow players to gain experience through sleep. Developer Select Button is working on the project, who previously worked on Magikarp Jump. 

A new auxiliary device was also announced, named the Pokemon GO Plus Plus. It will have all the features of a normal Pokemon GO Plus, but also functionality tied into Pokemon Sleep. 


New Niantic Announcement: Pokemon Sleep Support and Snoozing Snorlax

Niantic CEO John Hanke came on stage to announce that his company would be supporting Pokemon Sleep. In addition, a special in-game event would begin in Pokemon GO starting at the end of the conference featuring Snorlax.

Snorlax spawns will be dramatically increased around the world. Snorlax caught will also know the move Yawn. 

New Game Info: Pokemon Masters

Some new art by Ken Sugimori was shown for this game, developed by DeNA. Gameplay was shown, featured below.