Snorlax Event FAQ: Tips and What to Know

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Article by PidgeyManning

What You Need to Know

  • Snorlax rates are boosted, and engaged Snorlax are found lounging about in the encounter screen, which makes for a good AR+ opportunity.

  • Encounter: For the first two ball throws on a particular Snorlax, Snorlax will pop out. Don’t be alarmed. The third throw is what counts, and the catch rate appears to be at or near 100%. If you berry on any throws 1-3, that berry will be applied on the 3rd throw (and subsequent berries on throw 2-3 will say the item cannot be used), and any balls used on throws 1-2 won’t be removed from your inventory.

  • Go+: The Go+ is catching Snorlax at or near 100% rate!

  • Yawn: All Snorlax caught will have the exclusive fast move Yawn, which deals no damage. This move was previously only available in PoGo to the Slaking line. Keep in mind you should be able to Fast TM the move to a more useful one in the short term if you don’t want to keep the Snorlax for collector purposes.

  • Not “Special”: Unlike our hat-wearing electric rat friend, these event Snorlax are not tagged as “event” or “special” Pokemon in game. That means they can be mass selected to be transfered, or mass traded without hitting the current “1 special trade per day” limit.

Tips and Tricks

  • Incense & Lures: Like Community Day, this is a great opportunity to use lures or incense that you have stockpiled because they have a good chance of spawning the (usually rare) event Pokemon versus the usual fodder. Unlike Community Day, where the catch rate is usually boosted up to a floor of 40%, the Snorlax Event catch rate is even higher and is at or near 100%! Be sure to check our other guides for other ways of optimally using lures or incense.

  • GO+: With the introduction of the long encounter catch mechanic and near 100% catch rate, this is one of the first times since the introduction of quick catch that the case can be made that the GO+ is without a doubt the superior means for grinding an event. Keeping a GO+ connected will ensure no lure / incense / slow-loading (due to being out of range or the 24-second disappearing glitch) Snorlax escape, with the only downside being that you cannot use a Pinap for double candy. However, overall time will be saved, so as long as the GO+ can catch at least 50% more Snorlax than manual, you should actually net the same amount of candy (assuming all Snorlax are eventually distance traded for +3). You need to catch 75% more on the GO+ to get the same amount of candy as a regular trade or transfer.

Pinap & distance trade: 9

Pinap & transfer: 7

GO+ & distance trade: 6

GO+ & transfer: 4

Comparing distance trade Pinap vs GO+: 9/6 = 1.5x

Comparing transfer Pinap vs GO+: 7/4 = 1.75x

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