Special Moves Not Being Rewarded During Shroomish Spotlight Hour

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Article by Brian Tein

Players are currently reporting that Pokemon Go is encountering an issue with Spotlight Hour that effects a Pokemon's ability to obtain its Hoenn Celebration event move during the 1/19/2021 Shroomish Spotlight Hour.

While some players are currently saying that the issue has been fixed and will not effect Spotlight Hours that are celebrated somewhere globally every hour moving forward, it is the recommendation of the Gamepress staff that all players should wait until tomorrow (1/20/21) to evolve their Metang into Metagross for Meteor Mash or claim their Hurricane Rayquaza. By this point we should be 100% safe, as we currently have no guarantee that Niantic will fix this error in  Pokemon that lack their special moves due to being evolved/caught during the issue.

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