Team GO Rocket Leader Guide: Defeating Sierra

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First Pokemon

Always leads with Sneasel

(Ice Shard/Feint Attack) + (Avalanche/Ice Punch/Foul Play)

  • Machamp: Counter + Cross Chop* OR Dynamic Punch and Rock Slide
  • Lucario: Counter + Power-Up Punch and Close Combat (Or Shadow Ball)
  • Blaziken: Counter + Blaze Kick and Blast Burn
  • Poliwrath: Mud Shot* + Power-Up Punch and Dynamic Punch

Lucario once again leads the pack as the most consistent counter here, though Blaziken isn’t too far behind! Machamp performs well against Feint Attack sets, and while it still beats Ice Shard it’s much tighter.

Second Pokemon


(Confusion/Zen Headbutt) + (Psychic/Future Sight/Focus Blast/Fire Punch/Ice Punch/Thunder Punch)

  • Tyranitar: Smack Down + Crunch
  • Darkrai: Snarl + Dark Pulse
  • Weavile: Snarl + Foul Play

Thank god we’re shielding anyway, right? What a mess of charged moves. Double resisting Hypno’s fast moves and swinging back with super effective damage make any strong Dark-type a viable counter.


(Frost Breath/Water Gun) + (Blizzard/Hydro Pump/Surf/Skull Bash)

  • Dialga: Dragon Breath + Iron Head and Thunder
  • Giratina-Altered: Shadow Claw + Dragon Claw and Ancient Power
  • Magnezone: Spark + Wild Charge
  • Melmetal: Thunder Shock + Rock Slide and Thunderbolt
  • Poliwrath: Mud Shot* or Bubble + Power-Up Punch and Dynamic Punch
  • Machamp: Counter + Cross Chop* and Dynamic Punch

Counters vary a lot based on the fast move! Poliwrath can beat both. Melmetal and Magnezone are strong vs Frost Breath, whereas Dialga and Giratina-A are better against Water Gun. Machamp is a fine counter either way (though it’s certainly riskier against her other two Pokémon!)


(Shadow Claw/Feint Attack) + (Foul Play/Power Gem/Shadow Sneak)

  • Togekiss: Charm + Ancient Power
  • Tyranitar: Smack Down + Crunch
  • Darkrai: Snarl + Dark Pulse
  • Hydreigon: Dragon Breath + Dark Pulse

Certainly one of the easier Pokémon to counter, pretty much any Dark-type can perform well here! Togekiss can hit it for super effective damage with Charm if you have one ready, but it performs somewhat worse than Shadow Claw. Tyranitar’s probably the most accessible choice. Smack Down is the safest pick, but if you only have Bite that can work too! (Definitely try to get your hands on the Cday move, though)

Third Pokemon


(Confusion/Psycho Cut) + (Focus Blast/Future Sight/Shadow Ball/Fire Punch)

  • Tyranitar: Bite OR Smack Down* + Crunch
  • Darkrai: Snarl + Dark Pulse
  • Weavile: Snarl + Foul Play
  • Honchkrow: Snarl + Dark Pulse
  • Metagross: Bullet Punch + Meteor Mash*

Again, here, your goal should be to use Dark-type Pokémon. Tyranitar remains a top pick with its incredible bulk and damage output! Bite is better, but if you’ve only got Smack Down you can absolutely use that instead.


(Snarl/Fire Fang) + (Crunch/Fire Blast/Foul Play/Flamethrower)

  • Tyranitar: Smack Down* + Stone Edge and Crunch
  • Machamp: Cross Chop* or Dynamic Punch and Rock Slide
  • Kyogre: Waterfall + Hydro Pump
  • Swampert: Mud Shot + Hydro Cannon*
  • Darkrai: Snarl + Focus Blast

Once again, you can’t really do better than Tyranitar for consistency. Smack Down is the clear right choice for fast moves.


(Confusion/Charge Beam/Charm) + (Psychic/Dazzling Gleam/Shadow Ball)

  • Tyranitar: Smack Down* + Crunch and Stone Edge
  • Metagross: Bullet Punch + Meteor Mash*
  • Melmetal: Thunder Shock + Rock Slide and Flash Cannon

Tyranitar struggles against Charm variants of Gardevoir but is still a strong pick for your third slot. That said, Metagross really comes into its own against this mon, resisting Charm and double resisting Confusion while hitting back for massive super effective damage. Melmetal’s also a strong pick, spamming Rock Slides. Flash Cannon is nice but definitely not necessary.

Yourcalcprof's Lineup

Pokémon: Lucario (Co+PP+CC* or Sh*), Tyranitar (SD+SE+Cr), Metagross (BP+MM+Eq*)

Strategy: Again, open with Lucario to break shields with Power-Up Punch. 

If the second Pokemon is Lapras, do as much damage as possible with Lucario before closing with Tyranitar; against Hypno or Sableye, launch a Shadow Ball (if you have one loaded) before switching to Tyranitar.

Tyranitar should be able to close out Alakazam or Houndoom pretty easily. Against Confusion Gardevoir, Tyranitar should survive; in the case of Charm, Tyranitar will go down fast — this is why we brought Metagross.

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