Team Rocket and Global Jirachi Special Research Text Revealed

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New Details: A Thousand-Year Slumber

On July 16, 2019, dataminer @Chrales released information related to the Special Research introducing Jirachi, the mythical Pokemon from Gen 3. 

The text below alludes to several unique tasks such as catching a Whismur, evolving the Whismur into a Loudred, catching Steel and Psychic-type Pokemon, and more. 

Release details were not included in this datamine, so it is yet to be determined when the general public will receive the Special Research.

Jirachi has been available to any players who have participated in GO Fest Chicago and Dortmund. It has yet to be confirmed if Yokohama's GO Fest will also receive a unique Jirachi quest line like previous events. 

New Details: A Troubling Situation

On July 17, 2019, @Chrales also released new Special Research text relating to the Team Rocket event that players have been anticipating for a while. Notable text includes allusions to Spark, Candela, and Blanche, Team Rocket's name is actually Team GO Rocket, and every purified Pokemon receiving the move Return, in place of Frustration.

A new fast move had it's sound effects also added to the database, Lock On. Badges associated with Team GO Rocket and purification are also added.

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