Ultra Bonus Unlock Week 3 Begins Today with Psystrike Mewtwo and Unova Release

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New Pokemon Available Today

September 16th, 2019 marks the beginning of the final leg of the reward from Professor Willow's Global Challenge!

The Ultra Bonus Unlock for Week 3 is A Unova Unveiling, featuring many different Pokemon from the 5th generation of the series!

Psystrike Mewtwo will also be available in raids. 

The Gen 5 Pokemon were made available at 3 PM CDT. The third week of this event marks the end of all formes of Deoxys being available in raids. 

Psystrike Mewtwo will take its place and Mewtwo counters will be available in lower-tier raids, as well as Patrat, Lillipup, and Klink. 

Which Gen 5 Pokemon are Catchable?

These are the Pokemon currently available in the wild:

This Pokemon is exclusive to Raids and Eggs:

These Pokemon are region-locked:

What Bonuses are Active?

Regional Pokemon from Gen 1 can still be found in their shiny form in 7 km eggs. 

Incubators will still be twice as effective. This means:

  • 2 km eggs will take only 1 km
  • 5 km eggs will take only 2.5 km
  • 10 km eggs will take only 5 km

In addition, raid eggs will be only 15 mins until hatching and will last an hour and thirty minutes.

The above bonuses are currently unaccounted for. 

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