Ultra Bonus Week 2 Featuring Shiny Regional Pokemon and Deoxys Raids Begins Today

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Article by David Teraoka
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Ultra Bonus Unlock Week Two

September 9th, 2019 marks the beginning of the second part of Professor Willow's Ultra Bonus Unlock, which started last week on September 2nd. 

Week 1, titled Johto Journey, saw Gen 2 Pokemon appearing in great numbers in the wild, Unown hatching from 10 km eggs, and Raikou, Entei, and Suicune available in raids.

This section is titled "Global Challenge, Global Hatches". 

From today at 1 PM PDT until September 16th, all forms of Deoxys will be available in legendary raids! Deoxys counters will also be available in lower-tier raids. 

Also, Gen 1 Regional Pokemon will have their shiny forms made available in 7 km Eggs! These eggs will last all the way until the end of the Ultra Bonus Unlock Week 3(September 23rd). Check out their pages below. 

Just as it was last week, Incubators are also twice as effective. 7 km Eggs will only take 3.5 km to hatch with a normal Incubator!

Be sure to also stay tuned for Week 3: A Unova Unveiling, which will feature Patrat, Lillipup, Klink, and more Gen 5 Pokemon appearing for the first time!

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