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Article by Brian Tien

Niantic has gone on twitter and announced the subjects for Community Day for September and October, and that we're now due for another vote!

These are all very interesting picks, to say the least. It's extremely difficult to project their usefulness without being given their movesets, but here are a few points that we can consider right now:

  • For the previous Community Day vote involving Vulpix, Alolan Vulpix was also going to be included. This means that Alolan Grimer will likely join Grimer if it wins.
  • In a previous Community Day vote, one of the final options would have been Blastoise with Aura Sphere, meaning Charizard is likely to learn a move other than a simple Blast Burn rerun.
  • Charizard is somewhat likely to receive either a Dragon or Flying Type move to tie in with its upcoming Mega Evolutions
  • If Charizard is chosen, then it will likely require the use of an Elite TM to receive a specimen with both its new Community Day move and Blast Burn. If it's a fast move, then this could be rectified in a future December re-run.
  • Charmander would be our first Community Day species re-run outside of December catch-all events
  • Porygon is the only Pokemon on this list with an unreleased shiny
  • The normal-type move "Tri Attack" has recently been datamined, which could very well be for Porygon-Z if it wins
  • Charizard has the highest PvE potential of the group outside of the others being given insanely powerful attacks
  • Alolan Muk and Charizard have the strongest current PvP potential out of this list
  • Butterfree could be decent in the Great League if given a strong charged move that can synergize with Confusion and Psychic
  • Porygon, Grimer, and Charmander have Shadow Formes available, though we're unlikely to see another Rocket Invasion before the September community day

All-in-all, I'd put my money on Charmander taking the first slot due to its sheer popularity, and Porygon taking the second due to its novelty. Of course this is based entirely on blind speculation, as movesets gained will likely make a huge difference.

My personal vote is likely to fall to Grimer and Porygon for this event, as I love Alolan Muk, and Porygon-Z seriously deserves some love. What's your opinion, and who would you vote for if movesets went unannounced? Tell us below!

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