App Update 9/13 - Sync Pairs affected by Changes to Dire Hit

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App Update Ver 1.1.1 (Part 2) - 9/13/2019

As many may be aware, an update was pushed with an accompanying 6,000 free non-paid gems the prior night.

  • In the update, they have added two new moves: Dire Hit + and Dire Hit All +.
  • These moves give a whopping +2 to critical-hit chance instead of +1! Critical rate reaches 100% once +3 critical-hit chance is reached, so this is an enormous balance change, with many Sync Pairs being buffed.
  • Phoebe now can max the critical chance of every sync pair in the entire game, meaning everyone's viability technically got a buff so long as the player has Phoebe somewhere on the team.

Via datamine, here is a full list of all Pokemon affected by these changes, and the new version of the move they have.

Dire Hit + Users (Buffed)

Dire Hit All + Users (Buffed)

Dire Hit Users (Unchanged)

Dire Hit All Users (Unchanged)

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