Free Gems Update: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Free Bundles

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Article by Brian Tien
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Free Gems Update

DeNA has been hard at work on Pokemon Masters as of late, and one of their most recent updates is a face-lift for the gem shop. While this isn’t a very large deal for many of us as it’s been little more than a reorganization up until now, this morning of November 1 has given us an interesting new feature in the gem shop: free gem bundles!

Free Gems

Located under the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly tabs, these free bundles offer 20, 100, and 300 gems respectively. Assuming a 4-week, 30 day month, this gives us an additional 1300 free gems per month, or just over 43 per day on average.

This update has no in-game notification, and it’s easy to overlook the exclamation mark on the shop as the sign of a normal update, so this is a PSA to let everyone on Gamepress know to start adding a trip to the gem shop to your daily in-game chores!

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