Pokemon Masters App Update Ver 1.2.0 - 9/25/2019

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Pokemon Masters App Update Ver 1.2.0 - Summary

DeNa has pushed an update to the Pokemon Masters App on 9/25/2019 (Google Play Store) and 9/26/2019 (App Store)! The following changes are included:

  • Recommended strength for areas containing battles is now displayed.
  • You are now able to check stat changes to each of your sync pairs as you’re equipping them with gear.
  • You are now able to exchange multiple items at once.
  • Daily and Monthly categories have been added for items.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements implemented.

Recommended Strength

Now all Story quests will display a Recommended Strength for the party before beginning the quest.

Gear Stat Changes Displayed

Now the Swap Gear screen shows how much Stat bonus is provided by gear to each party member!

Multiple Item Exchange

Exchange multiple items at once in Item Exchange without having to click on the Exchange button multiple times!

Daily / Monthly Categories

New Daily and Monthly Exchange categories have been created in Item Exchange, although they are currently empty.

Changes to Item Exchange Display

The item exchange view has been updated!

Note the new display no longer shows how many of an item you currently own.

New Display

Old Display

Simple View for Exchanges

A new simple view button has been added, which will change how Item Exchange is displayed.

Simple View

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