Co-op Battle Rally

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Campaign Period

  • Event Period: 10/6 23:00 - 10/16/2019 22:59 PDT


  • Clear Chapter 5 (recruiting Skyla) to access Events!

General Information

  • New missions have been added for a limited time!
  • Supercourse replays have now been doubled up to 6x!
  • Clear Co-op battles to redeem Gems!

Mission List

To clear all Missions:

  • Clear any Co-op battle a total of 30 times.

After completing all of these, all Missions should be cleared! Gems x150 will be awarded after clearing all Missions!

Co-op Battle Rally

Part Mission Details #Req Reward
Co-op Battle Rally Mission 1

Win a co-op battle


Co-op Battle Rally Mission 2

Win a co-op battle


Co-op Battle Rally Mission 3

Win a co-op battle


Co-op Battle Rally Mission 4

Win a co-op battle

Co-op Battle Rally Mission 5

Win a co-op battle

Co-op Battle Rally Mission 6

Win a co-op battle


Supercourse Replays Increased

  • Now all Supercourses can be attempted for twice as many times, up to 6 times!
  • Note if the event ends, and Supercourses are not finished, 3 will be subtracted from the number of remaining attempts the moment the rally period is over.
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