Grass-Type Training Event Guide

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Reward Summary

Event Period

  • Event Period: 9/17/2019 6:00 - 9/30/2019 5:59AM UTC


  • Clear Chapter 5 (recruiting Skyla) to access Events!

General Information

  • The Grass-Type Training Event's duration is still unknown, but following prior training events, it will likely last 2 weeks.
  • Clear the Event Story and Missions to gain rewards! The event looks to be almost identical in structure to the Rock-Type Training Event.
    • 4 Event Story Quests
    • 10 Missions
  • Farm the Co-op quest "Master the Raging Waves! (Very Hard)" for Voucher C. Gym Leader Notes can also drop here (~12%), which makes this a good farming area.
    x14 guaranteed drops each run
  • Farm the Co-op quest "Face the Rushing Waters! (Hard)" for Voucher C. This is a lower-difficulty alternative that does not drop Gym Leader Notes.
    x12 guaranteed drops each run
  • As with the Reach for the Top Event, Co-op is the only way to farm vouchers!

Event Scout: Lyra & Meganium

Lyra Spotlight Scout

Lyra Spotlight Scout Simulator

Scout the new Sync Pair, Lyra & Chikorita at a higher rate for a limited time! Chikorita can also evolve fully into Meganium!

  • Rate of featured appearance is 2x the appearance of a non-featured sync pair (2.00%).

Event Story Quests

Click on one of the Story names below to get information on the enemy layout as well as drop rates!

Mission List

To fully clear the Grass-Type Training Event Missions:

  • Single Player:
    • Clear A Babbling Brook 1x
    • Clear Crashing Waves 1x
  • Co-op:
    • Clear Face the Rushing Waters! 10x
    • Clear Master the Raging Waves! 10x

After completing the above, all 10 training event missions should be fully cleared!

  • The reward for clearing all missions is Big Pearl x10.

Event Exchange Shop

  • To clear out the Event Item Exchange, a total of 580 Voucher C are needed.
🕑 Event Period
Limit: 2
🕑 Event Period
Limit: 1
🕑 Event Period
Limit: 2
🕑 Event Period
Limit: 3
🕑 Event Period
Limit: 2
🕑 Event Period
Limit: 5
🕑 Event Period
Limit: 3
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