Story Event: Team Break Appreciation Day Guide!

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Event Period

4/1/2021 - Heat Death of the Universe

General Information

In a shocking and entirely unexpected turn of cruel fate, our days of peace and tranquility on the endless cycle of collecting and spending gems within the comfort of the Pasio Pokemon Center have come to a crashing halt. Team Break, the evil organization hell-bent on doing evil things like evading taxes and committing insurance fraud has taken over, leaving us completely without recourse from the financial institutions of our nation as they menacingly stand around the Pokemon Center! Diplomatic communications through the official channels have broken down, and asking them to leave nicely is most likely not going to help, so the final option is to muster all of your courage and duel these masked miscreants in what is sure to go down in history as the Dark Souls of inconsequential Pokemon Masters gimmick events!

Team Break are Here, There, and Everywhere!

Full Force Battle And F2P Solutions

Center Line

  • Totodile
    • Weak to Electric
    • Uses Water and Ice Type moves. Very dangerous.
    • Can boost the team’s speed
    • Very scary alligator
    • Probably bites
    • I’m sure as heck not going to go near it
    • Ogod it’s looking at me!

Right Line

  • Darumaka
    • Weak to Rock
    • Uses Fire and Psychic Type moves. Those are dangerous too!
    • Can roll into a ball probably
    • Eats the dreams of small children most likely
    • Once walked across the street without looking both ways

Left Line

  • Rockruff 
    • Weak to Water
    • Uses Fire and Rock Type moves. This team has such dangerous coverage!
    • Reduces the speed at which your Sync Pairs process information through Rock Tomb, crushing their medical school ambitions and leaving them in tens of thousands of dollars of unnecessary debt
    • Don’t be fooled by the cute face, it probably has rabies
    • Legends say it can steal your gems if you’re not careful
    • Is the one responsible for shafting your pulls

F2P Teamset:

Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise + Sygna Suit Red & Charizard + Sygna Suit Leaf & Venusaur

The real danger of this battle is just how frightening it is. These random masked people are showing up out of nowhere and challenging us to fights. It’s like the 2016 evil clown scare all over again! The psychological damage caused by such a close encounter with the pure amoral hatred that Team Break represents will be more than enough to drown most players in medical bills, permanently gimping their ability to scout new units. Honestly, even this legendary team may not be able to complete the final stage of this horrible battle, but at least you can say that you did your best to stand against the rising tide of financial crime that will soon wash over our beloved Pasio. I for one welcome our new masked overlords.

Companion Video:

Event Exclusive Stages

Direct your gaze to the Stage names below to get information on the enemies you'll be facing and the drop rates you can expect from them!

Story Event: Team Break Appreciation Day!

Challenge Team Break: Part 1

  • Difficulty: Super-Duper-Very Hard
  • Energy Cost: All of your money
  • Rewards: 300 gems, but you’ll never get them.

Challenge Team Break: Part 2

  • Difficulty: Impossible
  • Energy Cost: Your health and mental wellbeing
  • Rewards: 300 gems, but they may as well be on top of Mt. Everest

Challenge Team Break: Part 3

  • Difficulty: You’ll never even come this far, so it doesn’t matter
  • Energy Cost: Your very soul
  • Rewards: 300 gems. They’re at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, so dive down and grab them like the worthless little seagulls you are
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