Story Event: Two Champions (Event Guide)

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Reward Summary

First Time Clear
Mission Rewards

Campaign Period

12/25/2019 at 10:00 p.m. – 1/21/2020 at 9:59 p.m.


  • Clear Chapter 5 (recruiting Skyla) to access Events!

General Information

  • Story Event: Two Champions will be an almost month long campaign!
  • Clear the Event Story and Missions to gain rewards! The event looks to be almost identical to previous events, but with the addition of a Very Hard and Super Hard co-op battle.
  • 15 Event Story Quests
  • 26 Missions
  • Farm the missions to get vouchers to exchange in the Item Exchange Shop!

Event Scout Banner

Lance Spotlight Poké Fair Scout

Lance Spotlight Poké Fair Scout Simulator
  • Click the banner above to be taken to the Scout Summon Simulator!
  • Scout Lance & Dragonite at a higher rate for a limited time!
    • Rate of featured appearance is 2x the appearance of a non-featured sync pair (2.00%).
  • "To celebrate their release, this sync pair will be featured for a limited time. Featured sync pairs have a higher chance of appearing than other 5★ sync pairs."
Featured Sync Pair

Mission List

Story Event: Two Champions

Event Exchange Shop

  • To clear out the "Two Champions" Event Item Exchange, a total of Voucher L x3,130 are needed.
🕑 Event Period
Limit: 3
🕑 Event Period
Limit: 3
🕑 Event Period
Limit: 3
🕑 Event Period
Limit: 1
🕑 Event Period
Limit: 3
🕑 Event Period
Limit: 5
🕑 Event Period
Limit: 3

Recommended Sync Pairs:

Pryce & Dewgong

  • I'll Teach You A Lesson! x2, Dire Hit x1, Icy Wind until Sync.
  • Best used as a lead to quickly eliminate the sides.

Roxanne & Nosepass

  • Study Buddies! x1, X Def All x2, Wide Guard, Ancient Power until Sync. Switch back in to take opp Sync Move.
  • Best used as a lead to support 2 Dewgong. X Def All reduces damage taken from High Horsepower.
  • Wide Guard to block the first Earthquake that would otherwise wreck any under-leveled Dewgong.

    Candice & Abomasnow

    • Hail (immediately after opponent queues Sandstorm), X Speed x1, It's All About Focus! x1, Ice Punch Krookodile until Sync (Hail when opponent queues Sandstorm).
    • Sets up Hail to override Sand and deny Garchomp's Surging Sand 5. Enables Blizzard spam from Lapras.

    Lorelei & Lapras

    • X Speed x2, Brace Yourself! x1, Blizzard spam until Sync.
    • Best used as a lead to quickly eliminate the sides and RNG for Freeze on Garchomp/Dragonite

      Glacia & Mega Glalie

      • X Regen All, Powder Snow until Sync, then Powder Snow until end (Attention Here! after both allied Strike use their Sync Moves).
      • Great Ice Type filler. Best used as 2nd Pokemon as Unity replacement for non Ice Type leads.

      Giovanni & Mewtwo

      • Hard carry powerhouse. Focus fire on Garchomp if used in early game.

      Brendan & Sceptile

      • Hard carry powerhouse for the late game.

      Olivia & Lycanroc

      • Hard carry powerhouse for the late game.

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