Guaranteed Lucky Cookie 1: The Best Use of Head Start 1

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As time goes on and the meta of Pokemon Masters slowly changes, one emergent fact remains very much true: Sync Moves are important! They’re used for raw damage, for Support EX buffs, for Mega Evolutions, and even for unique effects and renewable buffs in some cases. Indeed, Sync Moves are the crux of many strategies in this game, so wouldn’t it be nice to hurry them along just a bit?

Well DeNA has your back! With the new Legendary Gauntlet comes a new Lucky Cookie class and a slew of new Lucky Skills. And among these cookies is one particularly funny one; the Guaranteed Lucky Cookie 1. This lucky cookie has 100% odds of giving a Sync Pair the Head Start 1 Lucky Skill. And what does this skill do, you may ask? Well, it accelerates the Sync Move counter by 1 at the start of the battle! With the ability to get a few of these cookies through the gauntlet, many are currently asking the same question: “what should I use my Guaranteed Lucky Cookie 1 on?”. Well, we hope to look a bit deeper into that question and figure out just which Sync Pairs can benefit the most from Head Start 1, and figure out just where this rare resource is best invested.

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