Guaranteed Lucky Cookie 2: The Best Use of Status Immunity

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We’re now staring eye-to-eye with the second Legendary Gauntlet, arguably Pokemon Masters’ most difficult game mode to master. And much like the first, we’ve got another Guaranteed Lucky Cookie, but this time it’s Lucky Cookie 2. So what does this cookie bring to the table? None other than Status Immunity. And like the last run of this event, we’re going to review this new Guaranteed Lucky Skill in order to figure out its advantages, disadvantages, and what Sync Pairs can generally make the best use of it.

Status Immunity is one of the most self-explanatory skills in all of the game; it prevents status. Burn, Poison, Paralysis, and Sleep are all denied when a Sync Pair sports this skill, making it a useful feature for many tanks. An easily overlooked feature of this skill is the fact that if you put it on your designated tank, it outright invalidates those annoying Go Viral 9 stages, as if the main target of a status move is immune to the status that it’s trying to inflict, then it can’t spread to the rest of the team. Given the fact that we currently don’t have many really effective Sync Pairs capable of removing status at the time being, Status Immunity can also bring some nice role-compression to the field, expanding the tanking capabilities of any Sync Pair that wields it.

The problem with Status Immunity is the same as basically any other Lucky Skill; the opportunity cost. That is to say, picking this skill means that you can’t have any of the others. This is fine for most skills, but a lot of tanks really want a specific skill to complete their strategy, usually Vigilance, so it can be hard to justify switching to Status Immunity in some cases.

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