Guaranteed Lucky Cookie 5: The Best Use of Healthy Healing

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Our 5th Gauntlet is here, and with it comes our 5th Guaranteed Lucky Cookie. So what is it this time? We’ve got a few very exciting Lucky Skills yet to be given out, and for our current round we get to add Healthy Healing to our Sync Pairs. This skill adds the Gradual Healing effect to its practitioner when entering the field at full HP, allowing for enhanced longevity.

Healthy Healing is potentially very valuable to some Sync Pairs, especially for many of the defensive titans that tend to lack reliable healing on their own. With this skill, some Sync Pairs can become far harder to take down than they normally would be. It is also worth mentioning that it acts a bit as a gauge-generator because of the healing animation taking quite some time and usually resulting in 1-2 gauge being refilled during that time. 

So why doesn’t every Support unit just pick up this skill? Because it can be a bit of a double-edged sword. Yes, it can add a lot of HP over the course of a normal battle, but picking this up tends to mean missing the ever-important Vigilance. And one poorly timed Critical Hit will not only potentially take a huge chunk of HP that Healthy Healing will take a while to make up for, it will also ignore any Defense/Special Defense buffs and Damage Reduction field effects that your Sync Pair may have accumulated up to that point. For these reasons, it’s entirely possible for Vigilance to be a stronger defensive option than Healthy Healing on many stages. It’s also worth mentioning that Healthy Healing is literally the exact same thing as the Gradual Healing effect that many Sync Pairs offer nowadays, so it only recovers about 50% of the Sync Pair’s HP over the course of the battle, and more important than that; these effects do not stack! It’s also worth noting that Healthy Healing only takes effect when entering the battle at full HP, making it a bit dubious in the Battle Villa in particular. All of these facts can make Healthy Healing a slightly dubious choice for many tanks, despite looking amazing on paper.

In the end, many Sync Pairs that currently run Vigilance can run Healthy Healing, but it’s also a bit of a trade-off. If you only take 1-2 weaker Critical Attacks per stage, then Healthy Healing can offer superior longevity. However, if you’re likely to end up taking Critical hits from stronger attacks or if you’re running a Sync pair that relies on Defense/Special Defense buffs, then Vigilance will tend to be the stronger option.

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