Pokemon Masters Gear Guide: How to Unlock and Upgrade Gear & Gear Level Caps

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What is Gear?

Gear is a type of endgame item that can be equipped to further boost your Sync Pairs’ stats. Currently, three types of gear are available in Pokemon Masters:

  • Pins, which boost HP

  • Bandannas, which boost Sp.Atk

  • Bracelets, which boost Attack

Each Sync Pair can equip up to 3 pieces of gear at a time, limited to one of each type (1 Pin, 1 Bandanna, 1 Bracelet).

How to Unlock Gear

To begin the path towards unlocking Gear, Trainers should begin by completing the difficult Chapter 18 Co-op - Challenge Cheren & Hilda (Hard) quest. You can check out our Battle guide for this quest here!

Upon completing that quest, the new quest Get Stronger with Gear! Training Course will be unlocked in the Training Area. Once you finish that, you will unlock Gear! 

Gear Stat Boosts

Each Pokemon Type has a specific set of gear, and only Sync Pairs of matching Type get the full stat boost. When equipped with the gear of the wrong Type, the stat boost is halved.

Level 1 Gear Same Type Off-Type
1★ Pin +11 HP (Lv. 1) + 5 HP (Lv. 1)
2★ Pin +22 HP (Lv.1) +12 HP (Lv. 1)
1★ Bandanna +6 Sp.Atk (Lv. 1) +3 Sp.Atk (Lv. 1)
2★ Bandanna +12 Sp.Atk (Lv. 1) +6 Sp.Atk (Lv. 1)
1★ Bracelet +6 Attack (Lv. 1) +3 Attack (Lv. 1)
2★ Bracelet +12 Attack (Lv. 1) +6 Attack (Lv. 1)

Upgrading Gear

Gear can be upgraded. Each upgrade level increases the stat bonus by 1 for 1★ gear, or by 2 for 2★ gear. 

Gear bonus stats at Level 15:

Level 15 Gear Same Type Off-Type
1★ Pin +25 HP (Lv. 15) +12 HP (Lv. 15)
2★ Pin +50 HP (Lv. 15) +25 HP (Lv. 15)
1★ Bandanna +20 Sp.Atk (Lv. 15) +10 Sp.Atk (Lv. 15)
2★ Bandanna +40 Sp.Atk (Lv. 15) +20 Sp.Atk (Lv. 15)
1★ Bracelet +20 Attack (Lv. 15) +10 Attack (Lv. 15)
2★ Bracelet +40 Attack (Lv. 15) +20 Attack (Lv. 15)

Upgrading gears costs coins and materials like Cloth and Threads.

The best drop locations for each type of upgrade materials can be found in our material database.

Gear Upgrade Material Database

Additionally, the specific cost and stat bonus at each level for each gear can also be found in our gear database.

Gear Database

Breaking Gear Level Caps

Like Sync Pairs, Gear is also subject to level caps. A fresh piece of Gear cannot be immediately upgraded to the max level of 15. Instead, you have to break its level cap, which starts at a base of level 3. Each time you break the level cap, it increases by another 3. Therefore, to open Gear to its highest potential, the level cap must be upgraded 4 times. This can be done at any point; you do not need to raise the Gear all the way to its current cap before breaking it.

But how do you raise the level cap to begin with?

Well, that's easy. A Gear's level cap can be increased by going to the Upgrade Gear menu and offering up a duplicate of that Gear (same type, same rarity, but does not need to be the same level or even leveled at all). With five exact copies of one piece of Gear, you can end up with one fully level cap unlocked Gear! (Note that unlocking the level cap still means you have to actually finish leveling the Gear!)

level cap
Note the 'Unlocked' indicator, which shows that this Gear's level cap has been broken once.

Duplicate Gear can be farmed just like any other upgrade material!

Where to find Gear and Upgrade materials

The best locations to find gears and upgrade materials are the endgame Co-Op Challenges and EX Challenges:

The drop rates and which quests each type of Gear is acquired from can also be found in the gear database

Keep an eye out for Gear and upgrade materials in future events’ exchange shops as well!

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