A Retrospective On Seasonal Sync Pairs

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Ask most long-term players when the best generalized time to spend their gems is, and you’ll likely be told that we have three different types of banners that are best to save for: Pokefairs, Master Fairs, and Seasonal Banners. Among these three, Seasonal Banners are unique in that we know exactly when they’ll return: in a year. Love them or hate them, these limited banners are an integral part of the Pokemon Masters experience, and we’ve seen a whopping 28 of them since they started back around Christmas of 2019. So as we prepare for the next datamine to show what Spring 2022 will hold, let’s look back to what we’ve seen, and take a look at the Sync Pairs of Pokemon Masters that are tied to seasons, holidays, and even events that make them truly Seasonal.


Our first season in Pokemon Masters, the Holiday Season of 2019 brought a set of Seasonal Sync Pairs to the table with a unique, festive look. To this day, the Holiday Season is one of the most celebrated times in Pokemon Masters, although the Sync Pairs on offer haven’t always been considered the greatest in the game.

Rosa & Delibird (2019)