A Message from the Pokemon Masters Team (Vol. 6)

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Key Topics

  • Sync Grid Additions
  • Legendary Event in Late January
  • Battle Villa
  • Six-Month Anniversary Celebration
  • Other Updates

Sync Grid


  • Sync grid tiles can be activated through sync orbs, which can be collected in battle (A "Sync orb chance!" message may appear at the beginning of battle.) Using a sync move gives you a chance to earn orbs as drops.
  • Activating tiles teaches your Sync Pairs new skills and increases stats. That being said, upgrading comes at the cost of your available energy, which is finite.
  • Some tiles are tied to additional requirements, including Sync Move level.

Grid Skills

  • The Grid will help trainers unlock Stat raises, Sync move enhancements, Move power-ups, and Passive skills.

Grid Availability

  • All Sync Pairs will come with a basic sync grid with the launch of the feature.
  • Sync grids will be expanded on in the future for Sync pairs with coming updates.

Future Plans

  • In late January, Pryce & Seel will have an expanded sync grid.
  • The plan going forward is expanding the sync grids for ~4 pairs a month.

Legendary Event in Late January

Legendary Event

  • A very popular Legendary Pokemon will come in Late January.
  • Rock-type Sync Pairs are recommended for this challenge.

Battle Villa

Battle Villa

  • Will let you train up to 9 sync pairs per day.
  • Need to pay attention to opponent’s weaknesses when building a team. Take into consideration not only supereffective attacks, but also status conditions and buffs.
  • Can receive Battle Villa exclusive items from participating.
  • Progress in Battle Villa will be reset at fixed intervals and gems will be rewarded based on placement.
  • Can gain lucky skills for sync pairs through rewards obtained.
  • Lucky skills are a type of passive skill that provide beneficial effects when certain conditions are met.

Six-Month Anniversary Celebration

  • A special rally will be held in mid-February to celebrate the Pokemon Masters Six-Month Anniversary.
  • The Battle Villa will launch.
  • The Story will get an overhaul.
  • A "surprising" new Sync Pair will be released.
  • Many Pokemon will be unlocking evolutions.
  • The Main Story will be getting chapters 22-24 along with new sync pairs.


  • Can raise the levels of sync moves for Story-obtained sync pairs by participating in training events.
  • Stats will no longer be reset when hit by enemy sync moves.
  • The difficulty of EX Challenges will be adjusted to allow for more players to participate.
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