Pokemon Masters Available for Android and iOS Now

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Game Available Now

On Tuesday, August 28th, 2019, Pokemon Masters was made available for Android devices, a day before the expected release date of the 29th. 

Click here to download now!

iOS has not been made available at the time of this post (7:30 PM CDT). 

UPDATE 8:37 PM CDT: The game is available now on Apple devices. Here is the link to download it for iOS.

Developers DeNA previously announced the collaborative game Pokemon Masters on May 29th with many details provided at the Pokemon 2019 Press Conference. 

Pokemon Masters was available in a limited release state in Singapore and Canada since June, granting players access to the first 14 story chapters and pool of 60 Sync Pairs for players to try. 

What is Pokemon Masters?

Pokemon Masters is a Pokemon game that takes place on the island of Pasio and features dozens of trainers, gym leaders, and champions to fight with and against in 3-on-3 team trainer battles. 

Players use their Sync Pair Pikachu to battle alongside Rosa, Barry, Flannery, Eirika, Skyla, and more to take on the Pokemon Masters League and collect 5 badges.

Pokemon Masters does not feature competitive play but players can participate in co-op missions. You can find more information on how to be at the top of your game at the links below!

Phone Compatibility for Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters is currently only supported on phones with 64-bit processors. If you cannot find a the game on the Play or iOS store, that is because your phone is incompatible with Pokemon Masters. 

Here is a handy guide on how to tell if your phone has a 32 ot 64-bit version of Android. 

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