Level 125 Stat Breakpoints Fixed In The Gp Database!

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Article by Svidrigailov

The Fixes And What's Left To Resolve

Many of you have likely noticed that our database's stats have been inaccurate for Level 125 Sync Pairs since their introduction to the game, and we're proud to say we've straightened out the problem and returned to our usual level of consistent accuracy! The issue was caused by the new Stat Breakpoint introduced with the level cap increase using different math than the previously available levels, but it's all figured out and good to go now. There's just one small problem that's hounded us since even before the level cap increase which is still waiting to be solved: the way stats are rounded for Sync Pair's Mega Evolved forms. Fortunately, the only consequence of this is a single point inflation of some Mega Evolution's stats, but there's sadly no fix forthcoming here until our boys can get a tighter bead on how exactly the game comes up with these numbers. 

Thanks for reading our stuff, and I hope all you pretty people have wonderful days :>)


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