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Very little is known so far about Pokemon Masters beyond the fact that it will pair Trainers and Pokemon up into Sync Pairs and that combat will be 3-on-3 with Sync Pairs teaming up in a trio.

Since so much of the gameplay is left to speculation, we are here to speculate.

Story Protagonists & Antagonists


It looks like there will be a default protagonist Trainer (a male and female variant)  available from the beginning. It will be interesting to see if this Trainer will be required in the story mode of the game or if they can be left behind as soon as better Teams become available to the Player. 


While none of the game’s promotional material has mentioned this explicitly, three new mystery characters have appeared on in the trailer and on the game’s official website.

Nothing is known about these characters yet, but they will likely be the driving force of the main Story.


Sync Pairs

While for the most part, we’ve only seen Trainers Paired with 1 pokemon, it’s still possible that the game will allow for the mixing and matching of Trainers and Pokemon after they are obtained, or different variants of Trainers will have different Pokemon.

Various Gameplay Mechanics

Trainers on a Path

One of the instances we saw in the promo trailer showed Trainers standing around on a fairly linear path before you get close enough and they challenge you to a battle.

This is likely representative of the Game’s Story Mode quest map, with each Trainer representing a quest.

Another possibility is that all trainers seen in this instance are part of a single quest, with more nodes similar to this on the Pasio overworld map for you to explore as you progress in the Story Mode.

path trainers
Resource Grinding

If there are PVE Trainer Battles, it’s only natural to also expect item drops that will make up an aspect of resource grinding in the game. 

Here are some items we are likely to see dropped:

  • Pokemon Foods from the various games

  • Berries

  • Pokemart items such as Potions and Revives

  • TMs/HMs

  • Held Items

Other forms of resource grinding we might be able to expect are Berry Gardens and Pokemon Food Cooking.

  • Poke-foods from the various games

  • Berries

  • Pokemart items

  • TMs/HMs

  • Held Items

Pokemon Center

Based on a post from the game’s Instagram, Pokemon Centers will be part of the game and they will also contain Cafes and Shops.

This is where other Sync Pairs will hang out. This likely means that Pokemon Centers will be the place for PVP, or possibly a Gasha to pull more Sync Pairs.

The shop will likely be for trading in-game currency for Items, and possibly also real-world currency for in-game currency and Items.

poke center
Pokemon Evolution

We’ve already been able to infer through the trailer and various promo art that Pokemon will be able to evolve, but it’s unclear if this will be through pulling Gacha Summons or in-game grinding. 

Depending on whether or not the game intends to include PVP, it would be more balanced if it were a combination of the 2.


Trainer Variants

We didn’t just see named Trainers in the trailer, we also saw various Trainer types like Lass, Youngster, and possibly Beauties or Socialites.

The quotes at the beginning of the promo video also imply that Trainers will have element types or colors like their pokemon Sync Pair.

lass and beauty
ken sugimori quote

While it’s unlikely that all Named Trainers and Trainer types will be available upon release, we can likely expect several variants of Trainer types to be pullable from the game’s Gacha:

  • Type--Lass, Youngster, Black Belt, etc.

  • Gender

  • Color/Element

  • Version origin--Red Version, Diamond Version, etc. 

These variants will likely affect Trainer Match-Up Synergy and Sync Pairing.

Trainer Match-Up Synergy

During the promo trailer, Trainer Trio match-ups were showcased that, for the most part, seemed to have 3 Trainers paired together based on one or more similar traits. 

Among them, we saw Team composed based on being Professors, Rivals, Game Version, Prefered Element Type, and Criminal Organization.

trainer synergy

Based on this, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to predict that Trainer Matching would be just as important as Pokemon Matching when building Teams. 

Gacha Summoning

While Some Trainers seemed to be collectible through Story Mode gameplay, it is unlikely that all Trainers will be obtainable this way. That means Gasha Summons will be a likely element to obtain Sync Pairs.

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