Tech Tier List

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Tier List Overview

These Sync Pairs provide support of varying types, including inflicting status effects. Some sync pairs in this category can change weather, while others benefit from certain conditions being satisfied while on the field (opponent has a status effect, stat boosts, or weather conditions, etc). This category is also the most difficult to tier due to the variety of Sync Pair types that are classified as Tech.

Pivotal Stat: Varies

Tech Tiers:

  • TP = Tier Points
  • STAT = Sum of all Stats

[What are Tier Points?]

Tier Tier Point Range (>Min,
1 27 - 999
2 24 - 27
3 22 - 24
4 0 - 22


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Tier 1

Sync Pair STAT TP ALL Effects
Sygna Suit Leaf & Mega Venusaur
1822 50
Serena & Delphox
1648 40