Should You Pull #14: Kukui & Lycanroc

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?



Our newest addition and counterpart of Olivia's Lycanroc, let us welcome Kukui & Lycanroc to the universe, after glancing over the sync pairs kit, the nickname "Meltingroc" seems to be befitting to define their entire kit. In terms of stats Kukui & Lycanroc comes with high Speed & a decent Sp.Def. But on the offensive has a new mechanic Quick Move which kinda limits his offensive capabilities

No Gauge Cost Move

"Accelerock" which is a 75(90) move doesn't cost gauge but instead a charge, the move comes with 3 charges, so it is like using a trainer buff, after the charges it can't be used again. Although Kukui comes with a trainer move "Woo! Refreshing!" Sharply raising the attack of Lycanroc while giving  Accelerock additional 3 charges, as the support move can be used twice, a grand total of 9 x Accelerock can be used in a combat. 

Unique Sync Move

Lycanroc's Sync Move "Island Splintered Stormshards!" is an unique move which is why I nicknamed the pair "Meltingroc", Lycanrocs Sync Move allows the user to remove any kind of protective field on the map, melting through shields and barriers. 

Amazing Debuff capabilities

Lycanroc can use "Leer!" which merely costs 1 gauge, and AoE def down all enemies. Combined with  "Island Splintered Stormshards!" Lycanroc is in a good "Technical Sync Pair" position. The issue currently at hand is that, do we have encounters where these are a needed. In terms of a Technical Sync Pair the moves are superb.

Passive skills 

Lycanroc can't be flinched, and deals more damage during the sandstorm.



after using 9 x Accelerock, one must rely on Rock Tomb rest of the fight, a move that doesn't do much nor has 100% accuracy, Lycanroc's offensive stats aren't the best, so most of the time dealing damage is not one of its strongest suits

Lacks additional effects

Has a decent Sp.Def, but not Defense  and reduces enemy's Defense, but not Sp.Def. So there will be encounters where your allies won't gain from your "Leer!" as they might be Special Attackers. Which means there will be encounters where Lycanroc sees even less usages. 

Team Synergy

Lycanroc's playstyle has to be an encounter who has a lot of defense to bring it down, while also can take out protective barriers, in other words, in a Team Synergy Lycanroc has the role of an enabler, where he enables Physical Attacking Sync Pairs to do a lot more damage. 


Lycanroc is a really good Technical Pokémon, the pair is superb, the issue at hand isn't there kit, it is more, where would you need this kit. There could be a new EX Challenge or perhaps our new Rayquaza event if it has defensive buffs, but outside of that, by experience we have yet to see encounters that requires Kukui & Lycanroc to shine. 

So as an overall conclusion, for the job they do, they are amazing, and you should be happy if you get the Sync Pair. But gameplay wise, I have yet to see where this specific playstyle would be beneficial to bring in! 


And here comes the verdict! Is this Sync Pair worth pulling or Is It Bait? To summarize:

No you shouldn't pull.

- Amazing Technical Sync Pair, BUT

- Can Melt Through Enemy Defensive Barriers.  BUT

- AoE Def Down. BUT

- But, where do we need this kit?  

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