Should You Pull #15: Steven & Metagross

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?



Steven & Metagross the latest Champion Fairs Sync Pair in the Pokémon Masters Universe. The moment Metagross gets released especially its Mega Evolution. Mega-Metagross will have the highest base attack in the game of 460 Attack. Ensuring that his offensive capabilities will be excellent throughout the encounters. Steven also comes with amazing kit that ensures once Metagross mega evolves they will have excellent defensive measures that allows them to survive a lot of onslaughts. This limited Sync Pair is something you do not want to miss out on.


High Base Stats

Steven & Mega-Metagross comes with the current highest attack value in the game of its release, combined with "Iron Head" a 3-Gauge offensive move with 92(110) power move, with moderate chance of flinching the enemy,  ensures that if status conditions can be applied then Metagross can stall the encounter while doing some serious damage. 


Just like any previous Impervious Sync Pairs,  Mega-Metagross has access to it, while it is true that sync moves will stop buff stripping on your team, it is still good to know that they can't reduce them either. 

Amazing Power Up Passive

The details still needs to be tested but Metagross gets powered up while Unity Bonus is active, this means in co-op the moment everyone uses just one move, Metagross will instantly deal additional damage, so it is like a permanent active passive bonus. 

"Best There Is!"

Stevens unique Support Move, once Mega-Evolved, Metagross can obtain "Endurance" twice, while also ensuring next hit to be critical, so it can be possible to sure-crit with Sync Move.


It is a Mega-Evolution required Sync Pair

Metagross is one of the Sync Pairs which will totally destroy your opponents once you Mega-evolve, and  "Best There Is!" should be combined with a Sync Move, which means Metagross needs to Sync move first to achieve Mega Evolution, and then has to use "Best There Is!" before the 2nd Sync Move, for the ensure Critical Hit + Endurance. A long encounter like this is highly unlikely but this would be the most optimal usage. One may hope one day that there will be additional methods to achieve Mega-evolution. 

Not a Sync Pair to start out with

Metagross is a sync pair that has an amazing offense, while later on obtaining an amazing defense, but to achieve them one has to achieve Mega-Evolution first, so he is not worth bringing out until Sync Move is ready. In terms of Steven's Supportive Moves, there are no gauge recovery or speed buffs, so if one were to use Metagross from the very beginning one will fast run out of gauge. 

Team Synergy

Metagross once Mega-Evolved has the best offense and defense, but lacks buffs. So the best Team Synergy for this specific sync pair would be Sync Pairs that can buff Dire Hit & Speed. Especially when Impervious is in play.


The Sync Pair is limited and there might be encounters where Flinching is the key, Metagross therefore should not be a sync pair you miss out on. 


And here comes the verdict! Is this Sync Pair worth pulling or Is It Bait? To summarize:

Yes you should pull.

-  Highest Physical Sync Pair

- Amazing Offensive & Defensive Capabilities

- The Sync Pair is limited!

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